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Health systems are grappling with tremendous change and pressure. In a value-based reimbursement arena, taking care of the high cost, high risk patients is of paramount concern. Early identification is key, with proactive intervention a critical component. Yet, streamlining a process across multiple clinical practices is a huge challenge for most health systems. Especially when this group is only 20% of your patient base. Edumedics partners with Health Systems to help ease the ‘silo’ burden by integrating our care solution as an extension of the clinical team yet targeting this vulnerable population. Our system provides a better approach, with immediate health and cost impact, and allows Health Systems to achieve the high quality ratings it deserves.

How it works


Early Identification

We assist health systems in identifying those members with the most acute needs and the most vulnerable chronic conditions. We can analyze ACO claims data to determine high risk members, providing visibility into their healthcare consumption patterns.

deliver care

Care Solution

Evidence drives our chronic disease management. Our specialized clinicians use a high-touch service to educate self-care, target healthy outcomes, and interact with Primary Care Providers. Proactive follow-ups ensure adherence and risk reduction, creating optimal outcomes.



All visit data is securely communicated with the primary care provider, and aggregate statistics and outcomes are provided to the health system.

With Edumedics you can…

  • Meet quality metrics. Our care solution directly impacts the Ambulatory Sensitive Conditions Metric for ACO reporting.
  • Improve Collaboration with Clinical team. Our solution does not replace primary care, rather proactively works with patients to improve their interactions with the health system.
  • Integrate with existing systems and workflows. Our solution integrates with provider offices through proactive communication and providing an interface to the high risk patient. With Edumedics, we will integrate with the tools you use and how you work so data is always secure and our partnership is seamless.
  • Improve financial performance. Our high touch solution improves patient outcomes and encourages appropriate resource consumption, with appropriate documentation, all which result in an improved financial outcome.

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