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Employers continue to see the costs of providing health benefits be a top issue. 75-80% of costs are driven by just 20-30% of the members. These members have chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Often these members get lost in the wellness directives, and rarely engage in telephonic programs. Employers have tried mitigating the cost trend with higher deductibles, which leads to delayed care among this group. There is a better way. Using value based benefit design, along with a care solution, employers team up with Edumedics to dramatically contain costs and improve employee health and productivity.

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How it works



Edumedics analyzes the employer’s medical, pharmacy and biometric data to identify the root causes of trend issues, focusing on the 20-30% of high-risk members with chronic conditions who drive the majority of health care costs. We apply these insights in our care programs, meeting members “where they are.”



By designing a value-based benefit, Edumedics can couple this with a personalized program, beginning with a campaign to initiate and engage high-risk members in tested and proven health programs. What’s in it for them is a meaningful program with tangible value.

deliver care

Deliver Care

Edumedics medical professionals provide a high-touch care solution, backed by evidence-based clinical protocols. Often these visits are face-to-face, and data from each point of care is collected in Healthward™, our proprietary healthcare software so progress can be measured and care can be improved. We support primary care in their efforts, keeping them updated on their patients’ progress.

With Edumedics you can offer a program with intentional focus. We…

  • Target cost drivers. By applying clinical analysis to claims data, including biometric, cost and utilization sets, we can identify and focus on the 20-30 percent of members who drive 80 percent of health plan costs.
  • Improve member health. We consistently combine personalized education, telehealth and face-to-face care to empower members to engage in their health, and encourage behavioral changes that lead to longer, healthier lives for members.
  • Integrate data and demonstrate value. Data is currently living in silos and there is little connection between care and cost. With Edumedics, we will integrate clinical outcomes with cost data to demonstrate effectiveness of our programs.
  • Improve your bottom line. Cost-savings associated with caring for this population decreases risk, claims costs and absenteeism.

Trusted and proven to work

  • Higher engagement rates:
    • Clients enjoy engagement rates much higher than traditional programs. For some clients, we have achieved up to 80% engagement rates, compared to 16% in traditional programs
  • Improved health:
    • Among participants with diabetes, we’ve reduced dangerous HBA1C measures by 56%.
    • We’ve reduced the number of participants with hypertension and SBP > 140 by 34%.
  • Sustained health:
    • Among participants with diabetes, we see 90% keep HBA1C measures below 7 over 12-24 months.
    • Among participants with hypertension, we see a 70% increase in the number of individuals keeping systolic BP < 120
  • Improved financial & risk outcomes:
    • Up to a 10% reduction in per member per year claims costs among participants within 18 months
    • Improved trend among a group that experiences above average cost trends
  • Satisfaction:
    • Participants give Edumedics a 95% satisfaction rate
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